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December 19, 2018,   8:00 AM

Around 80% of Global Tech Companies Use Arabic On Their Twitter Accounts

Amany Zaher



A majority of global technology companies’ twitter accounts use the Arabic language to support its communications with the target audience, a new study by the Research and Analytical Study division at #W7Worldwide marketing Communications Consultancy Agency has revealed.


The report coincides with the Arabic Language Day which takes place on December 18 every year, marking the day when the UN made Arabic one of its official languages in 1973.


Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, used daily by more than 290 million people, according to UNESCO data.


The report has identified 10 social media accounts of several global technology companies including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, HP, and Foxconn – as a case study – based on a list published by Forbes in June.


The results pointed out that eight out of the 10 researched companies are using Arabic on their Twitter accounts when targeting the Middle East and North Africa region, which is a positive indicator of the usage of the Arabic language by global companies.


It also showed that 37.5% of the companies surveyed are directly targeting the Saudi market. There are also companies which use Arabic as the main language on the Twitter platform, while 40% of companies use Arabic as a second language after English.


As for the frequency of usage, the Arabic language ranked second at 21% while English came first at 27%, followed by the Spanish language which came third at 16% and French and German came fourth at 11% each. Other languages such as Italian, Turkish, Russian, Norwegian and Ukrainian were equal in terms of frequency of usage at 3% each.

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