November 28, 2019,   4:19 PM

Jaguar Land Rover Aims For Destination Zero

Waleed Hmidan

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We met with Salman Sultan, Regional PR & Social Media Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, as he introduced us to Destination Zero and his company's aims for sustainability.

"For 2020, Jaguar Land Rover is working on many projects. We announced recently that we will launch the Land Rover Defender early next year. On the Jaguar front, we are debuting the Jaguar I-Pace here in the middle east, which is the first car in history to win all three prestigious awards: World Car Design of The Year, World Green Car of The Year, and the very prestigious World Car of The Year.

"Sustainability is very important to us, therefore we have an internal strategy called Destination Zero. Which means zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion. In terms of zero emissions, we are reducing our emissions by having advanced diesel and petrol engines and all electrics motors like the ones in the Jaguar I-Pace, which is a step in the right direction. In terms of innovation and technology, software updates over the year are a small example of what we have as well as many more great ideas coming on the way. All of our factories in the UK are carbon-neutral, which is a very important landmark leading to Destination Zero.

"As of 2020, we will make sure that all of our vehicles have electric - or a form of electric – options whether that is a mild hybrid, a plug-in hybrid or fully battery-operated cars like the Jaguar I-Pace. We also worked exceptionally hard on making our diesel engines are very efficient in reducing emissions.”

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