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May 1, 2019,   1:29 PM

Middle East Travel Enthusiasts Are Taking To Online

Fouzia Azzab

Arabic editor- Forbes Middle East FULL BIO


In a recent report from Amadeus, a travel technology solutions company that helps businesses connects to the global travel ecosystem, online travel markets in the Middle East were put on the spot. The report particularly addressed the unmanaged entertainment and business travel services industry.

While the report stated that the region is currently witnessing the world’s lowest online travel penetration rates—33% of travel bookings were made online in 2018—the Middle East is still capable of attaining attractive growth in the online travel industry, with an annual increase of 14%, making it the 2nd fastest growing online travel market in the world. The report also notes that online travel activities in the region are expected to climb from 33% in 2018 up to 44% in 2022.

Overall, these projections indicate that the region’s travel market will continue to grow for a long time. Total bookings value will jump to $100 billion by 2022. The market includes more than 172 million people, with 71% under the age of 34, defined as online and social media active travel enthusiasts.

All of which, along with the collaborations between the governmental organizations and private companies, will contribute in promoting the growth of the travel industry and increasing its credibility in the region, especially when it comes to online travelling. 

“The Middle East is one of the regions most committed to undertaking online transformation. Therefore, it’s not surprising for it to be one of the fastest growing regions in the world’s online travel market,” said Thierry Dongier, Director Online Travel, MEA at Amadeus. “We are committed to providing online travel agencies with the best solutions, data and analytics in order to grow and improve their businesses, in addition to providing them with a deeper understanding of the industry key trends and their potential impacts.”

The report also provides market Information and competitiveness analysis to help online travel companies with strategic planning and decision making, including assessing growth opportunities in emerging and promising destinations in the region.  


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