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May 29, 2019,   3:27 PM

UAE Philanthropist Among The Latest HNWIs To Sign The Giving Pledge

Claudine Coletti

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sheikh dr mohammed bin musallam bin ham al ameri

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A prominent UAE businessman—Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Musallam Bin Ham Al-Ameri—has pledged to give over half of his fortune to philanthropy or charitable causes through Bill Gate’s and Warren Buffet’s “The Giving Pledge”.

Although not legally binding, signatories of the pledge commit to creating a greater culture of giving to help tackle society’s most pressing problems.

Sheikh Dr Mohammed Bin Musallam Bin Ham Al-Ameri is one of 19 new signatories announced yesterday. Mackenzie Bezos, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos and now the fourth richest woman in the world thanks to a hefty divorce settlement, also signed the pledge this year, bringing the total number of pledgers to 204.

Businessman, philanthropist, author and former UAE Federal National Council member, Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Musallam Bin Ham Al-Ameri, was born in Al Ain in 1972. He is the Deputy Secretary-General of the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina against Malnutrition, the Deputy Chairman of the Bin Ham Group, President of the Foundation of Studies and Research, a member of the Al Ain Municipal Council and the founder of the Aounak Ya Watan volunteer team.

In 2012 he published his first book, United Arab Emirates – Wise Governance, followed in 2015 by The Shura in the UAE. He has previously received the Mohammad Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence 2008, the Mahatma Gandhi Medallion Humanity Award in 2011 and the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ali Al Khalifa Award for Charity.

In his pledge letter Dr. Sheikh Mohammed says, “Based on the principles of our Islamic religion and our inherent human values, I seek to harness our resources, capabilities and specialized competencies to continue to make many outstanding achievements in humanitarian, charitable and relief work around the world without discrimination between race and religion.”

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